The Biogas Academy

This site is administered by the Biogas Academy (”Biogasakademin”) in Stockholm.
Biogasakademin is a non-profit organisation founded with the aim of increasing development of food waste collection,
biogas production and the use of biogas fueled vehicles in both the City of Stockholm,
the Stockholm Region and in Sweden.


The Biogas Academy was formed on five basic principles:

  1. The greenhouse effect is a consequence of the widespread use of fossil based fuels.

  2. An increased greenhouse effect has a negative impact on the living conditions for billions of people.

  3. Full scale, fully implemented climate friendly solutions make it easier for politicians and entrepreneurs all over the world to decide on applying these proven techniques.

  4. Stockholm and Sweden has all the conditions in place to play the part of such a full scale model when it comes to;

  5. THE TIME WE HAVE IS SHORT: The time at hand to make the changes towards a sustainable, fossil free energy production is limited. Calculations show that biogas technology has the capacity to fuel 25% of all transport in the world.*

That is why we have put together this site.

*Professor Pål Börjesson, Lunds Institute of Technology, Sweden, Biogasakademin dec 2012.