My name is Jan Rapp and I work as a physician in Stockholm. In 2007 a friend of mine told me about biomethane. ”There are a couple of hundred city buses in Stockholm fuelled by a climate friendly gas with a minimum of emissions, making city air cleaner”, Jonas explained. The fuel in question was produced locally in Stockholm from sewage and food waste.

Could this possibly be correct?

Politicians and decision makers all over the world are looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions from road transport. Many hesitate in where and what to put their resources: electrical cars, hybrids, hydrogen cells, plug-ins, dual-fuel..., surely enough to make your head spin! Meanwhile, in Stockholm, a perfect part of the solution is already roaming the streets. A technique that is equally suitable for every major city of the world, since every large city is alike in these two aspects: (1) a great need for transport of both people and goods AND (2) a steady production of sewage and foodwaste from its inhabitants living, eating and... going to the bathroom. All in the same city.

Ever since that tuesday evening I have done everything in my power to turn the Stockholm region into a global testing ground for the biogas (or biomethane) technique. The point being that this is actually a ridiculously easy way of solving a substantial part of the climate challenge. And it is here for people to see and try and learn from.

Since then I have come to learn that the biogas-cycle has EVEN MORE advantages than those mentioned above. To learn more about this, check the links, films or texts found under "ABOUT FOOD WASTE AND BIOGAS".

I work in a hospital and I have managed to introduce and implement the recycling of the patient's leftovers. Based on my work the county of Stockholm has introduced COMPULSORY food waste recycling for ALL the hospitals in the region, making the waste accessible for biogas production.

Now I´m hoping that you, the whole city, well actually the entire Stockholm region is up to doing the same thing. In order to facilitate that, my friends and I have put together this website for big cities all over the world to learn from and hopefully dare to replicate.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, need help or if you have some tips for us. `Cause no matter how ingenious the food waste and biogas technique may be, the basis for its success relies completely on the power of cooperation.


Stockholm april 2013


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